MV Montgomery

Dr. Michael Vincent Montgomery is a professor at Life University in Atlanta.     He is also an award-winning screenwriter and the author of the poetry books Joshu Holds a Press Conference (2010), Strange Conveyances (2010), and What We Did With Old Moons (2012). His surreal works of fiction include Dream Koans (2011), Beyond the Pale (2013), and Speculations (2015).


“M. V. Montgomery is a twenty-first century Borges — a comparison I don’t make lightly. His vivid images and open, powerful language will follow you off the page.”

                                                                                                   — Mirror Dance                                    


Secondhand Saints (2017)

Musical Dramas: Ginny Has a Grunge Band (2016) and Lexington Blue (2016)

The Chaos Makers Trilogy: The Chaos Makers (2015), All Living Things (2015), and The Invisible Kingdom (2015)

The Neema and Sid Series: Neema and Sid Go Totally Off Grid (2015), Neema and Sid Remember to Be Awesome (2016), and Neema and Sid: “The Cosmos Club” (teleplay)



Spiritual Dramas: Selah Selam (2017) and Master Moon (2016)



Joshu Holds a Press Conference (poetry, 2010)

Strange Conveyances (poetry, 2010)

Dream Koans (fiction, 2011)

Antigravitas (fiction, 2011)

What We Did With Old Moons (poetry, 2012)

Beyond the Pale (fiction, 2013)

A Dictionary of Animal Symbols (poetry, 2014)

Speculations (fiction, 2015)



Circle, Triangle, Square (fiction, 2011)

The Island of Charles Foster Kane (mixed genre, 2013)

Night-Crawl (fiction, 2013)

Animal Myths (poetry, 2014)

The Desert Dime Novels: Mark Twain in Outer Space, The Double Dare Devil, and Trouble in Paradise Valley (fiction, 2014)

Curious Fables (fiction, 2017)



Carnivals and Commonplaces (1994)


Stage 32 Page: https://www.stage32.com/profile/502207/about

Amazon Author Central page: amazon.com/author/mvmontgomery



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